Terms and Conditions

Purchase Price
Purchase prices as advertised on our website do not include a sales tax. Cacoon USA charges sales tax to orders shipped to MD residents only, as required by law. Sales tax is applied at checkout. Tax-free shopping is available elsewhere.

Payment Methods
We accept all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, as well as PayPal. We do not accept checks. Merchandise cannot be held without payment. Prices and available inventory are subject to change until an order is confirmed.

Shipping Time
Typically, orders ship within 24 or 48 hours, once payment has been received. Shipping times on special orders and back order items vary. Please check each product page for details. If we cannot ship within the advertised time period we will inform you with the new shipment date via email.

Shipping Costs
We offer free shipping with UPS Ground on all items to locations within the continental United States. An expedited shipping option is also available at an additional charge. For those who would like expedited delivery, please contact us at
info@cacoonusa.com or call us at call us at 1.877.728.9601.

For any shipping requests to locations outside of the continental United States, please email us at info@cacoonusa.com. Additional charges may apply.

Return Policy
We are very happy with and stand behind all the products we sell and are confident that you will love them as well. However, if you are not happy the product you purchased and would like to return it, we do accept returns shipped back to us within 30 days of purchase. Proof of purchase is required. We do not accept returns of sales items (whether through a discounted price or using coupon used at check-out).

Conditions for Returns
1. The Cacoon and Packaging MUST be in the condition it was delivered in. This includes all packaging, instructions, accessories and the Cacoon.
2. Cost of return delivery shall be made by the returnee.
3. The company reserves the right to refuse a return on the grounds of product condition.
4. The company reserves the right to make a 10% restocking charge and a 25% charge for opened or damaged goods.
5. Refunds will only be made the account from which the original payment was made.
6. Refunds will only be made after receiving the return with proof of purchase and completing a damage and wear and tear assessment.

Cancellation Policy
Cancellations are accepted for orders that are cancelled before the item has been shipped.

Warranty Policy
In case you receive a product that is damaged, please contact us immediately at 1.877.728.9601, or email us at info@cacoonusa.com, in order to evaluate if the manufacturer warranty applies. Proof of a manufacturing defect, and proof of purchase are required.

What is covered?
This warranty covers any fabrication defects (in materials or workmanship), not including installation, during normal use of your Cacoon.
Normal use is defined in the instruction manual issued with every Cacoon and also sewn into the internal seam inside the right hand edge of the opening.

In addition,
*Always check that your Cacoon and its hanging system are in good condition and show no signs of damage, wear or tear.
*Always ensure that you use a suitable knot to tie off your hanging rope and that your chosen hanging point is strong enough to take at least the same weight as you intend to have in the Cacoon.
*Always tether your Cacoon when it is not in use.
*Never exceed the stated load limit or hang the Cacoon higher than just above ground level (when fully laden).
*Never jump into a Cacoon or use it as a trampoline or swing – the Cacoon is designed for gentle play and relaxation.
*Never hang your Cacoon where it can swing into a vertical surface. You will wear the fabric out around the ring.
*Never twist or spin your cacoon. It is only designed to hang from the webbing loop without any twists.
*Always Remove your Cacoon from direct sunlight when it is not in use.

How Long Does Coverage Last
The manufacturer warranty runs for two years from the date of purchase (proof of purchase required).

What is not covered
This warranty does not cover fading or discoloration caused by exposure to sunlight or chemicals such as ammonia, laundry detergent, sea water, or household bleach.
This warranty does not cover any damage caused by contact with any surface that will damage the fabric or the internal ring.
This warranty does not cover any damage caused by inappropriate use.
Cacoon USA cannot assume responsibility for special, indirect, or consequential damages or contingent liability for use of this product in a manner not expressly intended by the manufacturer.
The end consumer is ultimately responsible for verifying proper installation according to our guidelines herein.

Our goal is to have most of the products that we carry in stock in order to ensure fast delivery. However, while this is our goal, this is not always possible. Please contact us at
info@cacoonusa.com to verify possible delivery when an item is out of stock.